Laws of Malta

Laws of Malta

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The Laws of Malta website is a service provided by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government. It brings together a collection of all the Laws of Malta, including the Constitution of Malta, the Statute Law Revision Act, 1980 and the full compilation of subsidiary legislation.

It is free of charge, has unlimited use and presents no fees whatsoever to download copies of all the Laws of Malta in PDF format.

Legal instruments

The website primarily offers the following services:

  • All the Chapters of the Laws of Malta, including the Constitution of Malta and the Statute Law Revision Act, 1980;
  • Subsidiary legislation made under all the Chapters of the Laws of Malta including subsidiary legislation made under the Constitution of Malta;
  • Publications of the supplement to the Government Gazette, i.e. Acts, Bills, Legal Notices, Bye-Laws, as originally promulgated;
  • Direct access to EU law and relevant search facilities;
  • Chronological and analytical indexes for all the legislation.

This service includes all the principal and subsidiary legislation currently in force, regularly updated with amendments, and new legislation approved by the House of Representatives. For the purposes of Maltese law, this is considered to be the official authorised version of the Laws of Malta, but subject to the provisions of article 11A(4) of the Statute Law Revision Act, 1980.

Amendments to existing legislation approved by the House of Representatives are integrated within the original text, ONCE THEY COME INTO FORCE, so that the displayed text is the current version of the legislation.

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