The Pravno-informacijski sistem Republike Slovenije (PIS)

The Pravno-informacijski sistem Republike Slovenije (PIS)

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The Pravno-informacijski sistem Republike Slovenije (PIS) is a free, public database of information on national and EU laws, managed by the Slovenian Government Office for Legislation.

It can also be used to monitor the legislative process in Slovenia and to search the case law of Slovenian judiciary.

It integrates more than 15 national public databases and enables the users to search the relevant legal information more effectively.

Legal acts

Constitution - Ustava

The current Constitution (adopted in 1991) includes:

  • a preamble
  • general provisions and provisions on:
    • human rights and fundamental freedoms
    • economic and social relations
    • the organisation of the state
    • local self-government
    • public finance
    • constitutionality and legality
    • the Constitutional Court
    • the procedure for amending the Constitution
  • transitional and final provisions.

National Assembly law - Zakon

These general acts regulate the rights and duties of legal entities not regulated by the Constitution. They are:

  • subordinate to the Constitution but superior to any other Slovenian legal act
  • adopted by the National Assembly
  • published in the Slovenian Official Law Gazette (coming into effect 15 days after publication)

Executive acts under the laws include decrees, rules, orders, and instructions.

Official consolidated text - Uradno prečiščeno besedilo

Official consolidated versions of basic laws and amending laws adopted by the National Assembly – published in the Slovenian Official Law Gazette and in electronic form on the National Assembly website.

They are a legal act with full legal effect, but the individual laws being consolidated remain in force and still have full legal effect.

Government decree  / Ministerial rules  - Uredba / Pravilnik

The most common acts implementing laws or EU regulations. They regulate certain fields in more detail.

Constitutional court decisions  / orders - Sklep / Odločba

The Constitutional Court (exercising powers determined by the Constitution) decides on the conformity of:

  • laws with the Constitution
  • laws and other regulations with ratified treaties and the general principles of international law
  • regulations with the Constitution and laws
  • local community regulations with the Constitution and laws
  • general acts issued for the exercise of public authority with the Constitution, laws, and regulations

It also decides on constitutional complaints about the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms by individual acts, etc.

Act ratifying international treaties - Zakon o ratifikaciji / Uredba o ratifikaciji

The National Assembly, the National Council, the government and ministers, the president, the Constitutional Court, etc. have the power to adopt other acts and instruments, and the database also contains:

  • National Council acts
  • Acts by the president
  • General acts issued for public authorities
  • Regulations and other local community acts laid down in their statutes.

Links to EU legal acts have been added to all the associated national legal acts.

All documents accessible through the PIS are in Slovene except for their titles which are mainly translated into English. All the national regulations and other acts are also published in the Slovenian Official Law Gazette.


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