About N-Lex

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What is N-Lex?

It's a single entry point to individual EU countries' national law databases.

N-Lex itself contains no documents. It isn't a database, but an easy-to-use interface that lets you search national databases (on which it is entirely dependent).

What can you do on N-Lex?

  • Use a standard search function to search databases in any EU country individually or in more than one country at the same time
  • Retrieve documents directly from these databases
  • Find descriptions of each country's database  content (different types of national law) and instructions on making targeted searches
  • Find documents in any EU language (using automated translation to make searches and translate your search results pages)


N-Lex complements EUR-Lex, the EU's website for legal acts, by linking to national law.

It was developed jointly by the EU's Publications Office and national governments.